Project Types
At Stanhope we specialize in taking on and successfully completing a wide range of job types, while maintaining the same level of quality across the spectrum. To learn more about the various types of build-outs that we typically do, please click on the tabs below for more information.

Offices are a major part of Stanhope Company's workload. Our ability to understand clients' individualized needs, tastes and budgets allows us to complete projects successfully and on time. Whether the project involves a one room office or an entire floor, Stanhope Company works in harmony with architects and designers to produce your space.


Restaurants demand quality workmanship because of their high visibility and use by the public. The materials utilized today are very specialized and require the kind of experience that Stanhope Company can bring to a project.

Retail projects require on-time performance. Whether the project involves a complete new store or the renovation of an existing one, Stanhope Company maintains a work schedule conducive to all concerned.


A specialty of Stanhope Company, we understand the importance of coordination of construction schedules to minimize interference with normal banking business. Stanhope has kept pace with the new technologies in automated banking services being utilized by today's banks.


With the increasing needs and demands of the airlines and its customers, Stanhope Company remains on the cutting edge of technology. We have extensive experience working in high pedestrian volume and traffic arenas with sensitivity to the security demands of today's travel service providers.


Restorations and renovations are some of the most unique types of projects Stanhope Company undertakes. Knowing how to coordinate and communicate with the different agencies involved while maintaining the strict budget and time frame most of these projects are under, is truly an art form - a form Stanhope Company has mastered. The knowledge of available resources and their acceptance to restore a structure of historical significance is only obtained through experience.


Specialty projects require expert craftsmanship, a high level of professionalism and supervision, the kind of experience Stanhope Company can provide to its clients. Whether your project is a country club, hospital, hotel or theatre, Stanhope Company can bring to you the talent and experience you need.